This event is history! Many people showed up and the ice cream was yummy!


Open Day @ SPH Zentrum (ML/FHK Building)

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Come and explore our spaces at ETH Zentrum & ETH Hönggerberg, where you can bring your ideas and projects to life. Make your LED flashlight and enjoy free ice cream in our spaces.

Meet us!

We invite you to check us out! We support students and their ideas, no matter how big or small thus driving the maker & innovator mindset! 🎉

What to expect.

We have multiple activities planned for you, ranging from make-workshops in our makerspace to interacting with projects in our project fair throughout the entire Open Day! Choose the time slot that suits you best and drop in.

What should you bring?

The enthusiasm, curiosity and openness to experience the new space, all whilst enjoying free ice cream.

Check out some of the amazing projects founded at SPH!

We at Generai are building machine learning algorithms to generate art with AI, purely from text! Use Generai to create beautiful artworks to your liking, to serve as an inspiration or to introduce
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Treeless Pack
Treeless Pack develops microorganism-based packaging to address the global issue of deforestation and substitute traditional paper packaging and plastic. By the use of our products we help
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The association “SEET – Support Education, Empower Together” supports female refugees in the (re)uptake of their higher education in Switzerland. Cultural, financial and institutional obstacles
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