A student-run space with tools and machines

for all your self-started projects and prototyping needs.

All ETH students – bachelor, master and doctorate – are welcome.

Get Started

1 — General Introduction

A short General Introduction is mandatory to use the Makerspace. Just come by at the beginning of the Open Hours and ask a Makerspace Manager. Remember, opening hours could change on a weekly basis, so make sure to check timings before heading over.

2 — Machine Introductions

To use complex machines (3D Printers, Laser cutters, etc.) you will need a short machine-specific introduction, usually scheduled right before the Makerspace opens. Book a slot below.

3 — Workshops (optional)

Our fantastic Makerspace team conducts workshops specially for makers, or to teach you specific skills. Please check in on the bookings section below from time to time so you don’t miss a valuable session.

Choose your introduction

Introductions - Zentrum

FDM 3D Printing Introduction Zentrum

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Laser Cutter Introduction Zentrum

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DLP 3D Printing Introduction Zentrum

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Wood Bandsaw Introduction Zentrum

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Introductions - Hönggerberg

FDM 3D Printing Introduction Hönggerberg

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Laser Cutter Introduction Hönggerberg

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DLP 3D Printing Introduction Hönggerberg

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PCB Milling Introduction Hönggerberg

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Wood Bandsaw Introduction Hönggerberg

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Makerspace Open Hours this week

Monday - Thursday 16:30 - 19:30

Friday 16:30 - 18:15

Sat.-Sun. Closed


Ready to get your hands dirty? Here’s a list of the tools, machines and materials available in the Makerspace. All ETH students are free to use the machines and only pay for the material.

Not sure about which tool to use or how to use it? Contact us and we can advise you on your project or put you in contact with an expert. And if you visit us during the Open Hours, our Makerspace Managers will be around to help you with your questions.


To use an advanced machine, you’ll need a special introduction course before getting started. Check out their individual pages for more information.

3D Printer FDM

Prusa I3 Mk3/Mk3S Filament Printer

  • Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
  • Volume 250 x 210 x 200 mm
  • Nozzle 0.4 mm
  • Minimum Layer Height 0.05 mm
  • Material PLA and PET. Special filaments on request.
  • Material costs are roughly CHF 0.04 per gram printed.

Specific introduction required!

Manual: Prusa FDM 3D Printer

3D Printer DLP

Prusa SL1

  • Direct Light Printing (DLP)
  • Volume 120 x 68 x 150 mm
  • Layer Height: 0.025 - 0.1 mm
  • Material 405nm Resin in different colors.
  • 2 CHF Base fee and 0.15 CHF/g Print cost

Specific introduction required!

Manual: Prusa DLP 3D Printer


Trotec Speedy 400

  • 100 W CO2 Lasercutter
  • Table Size 1016 x 610 mm
  • Engraving and cutting up to 7 mm
  • Material MDF, Plywood, Acrylic (bought at the SPH)

Specific introduction required!

Manual: Lasercutter

Handheld CNC Router

Shaper Origin

Cut and engrave wood, foam or plastics with basically free workpiece size.

Specific introduction required!

Manual: Shaper Origin

Water Jet Cutter (HPZ)

HPZ: Protomax

  • Work area 300 x 300 mm
  • Max thickness 25 mm
  • Materials Metal, Carbon Fiber, Plastic, etc.
Drillpress (HPZ)

HPZ: Optimill Bf 20 Conventional

  • Drillpress with cross table
  • digital read out capable of precisely drilling metals like aluminum etc.

Specific introduction required!

Manual: Drillpress

Drillpress (FHK)

FHK: Alduro BM-14

  • up to Ø 16 mm drilling in steel
  • 490 - 2510 rpm

Metal Band Saw (HPZ)

HPZ: Promac Metal band saw

  • For cutting all kinds of metal
  • Max piece size 125 x 125 mm
  • Including a stop for repeated cuts

Manual: Metal Bandsaw

Bandsaw for Wood

Holzkraft Bandsaw

  • For cutting wood, plastics and foam
  • Max height of parts 20cm

Manual: Bandsaw

Miter Saw for Wood

Manual: Miter Saw

Belt Sander for Wood

Big belt sander for sanding down wood

Manual: Belt Sander

PCB Mill (HPZ)

HPZ: Bantam PCB Mill

  • Work Area 139.7 x 114.3 x 40.64 mm
  • Single or couble sided PCBs (bought at SPH)

Design and test your protoype PCB right here at the Makerspace

Specific introduction required!

Manual: PCB Mill

Reflow Oven (HPZ)


For SMD soldering

Manual: Reflow Oven

Soldering equipment

Ersa soldering station with the necessary consumables is available for building electronic circuits. The consumables include cables, desoldering wick, heat-shrink tubing and more. All of those are for free. In addition the Makerspace is equipped with an oscilloscope, a signal generator and lab power supplies.

Cutting Plotter

Fenta SL1300 Cutting Plotter

  • Cuts Vinyl and Textile Foils (bought at SPH)
  • Max cutting width 132 cm
  • Max cutting length unlimited

Manual: Cutting Plotter

Textile Printing Press

Textile Printing Press to transfer textile foil onto your fabric.

  • Working Area 38x38 cm

Manual: Printing Press

Embroidery Machine (HPZ)

HPZ: Elna Expressive 830

  • Computer controlled
  • Max embroiding area 200 x 280 mm
  • Mono or Multichromatic designs

Manual: Embroidery Machine

Industrial Sewing Machine (HPZ)

HPZ: Pfaff 1183

Straight sticht only but through thick materials and very fast.

Manual: Sewing Station

Vacuum Thermo Former


  • For prototyping, molds, packaging, ...
  • Bed size 200 x 200 mm
  • Material PETG and HIPS (bought at SPH)

Manual: FormBox

Small power tools
  • Cordless screwdriver
  • Power sander
  • Jigsaw
  • Dremel tool
  • Drilling machine
  • Small circular saw
  • Multi Cutter
Hand tools
  • Screwdrivers Wrenches
  • Pliers
  • Hammer
  • Saws
  • Sanding tools
  • Measuring tools
  • Cutting instruments
Other Equipment

Did not find what you are looking for? We collaborate with other machine shops at ETH to give students access to more advanced equipment. If you are interested to use a lathe or a CNC-Drill for metal, please let us know a bit more about your needs and we can see how we can help you. Come by the Makerspace during our open hours to discuss it further.


Makerspace Material

We are working on putting a complete and ordered overview of all our material online.

For now, you can find a list of our material here: Material Makerspace Shop

Otherwise just come by the Makerspace to get more information about what materials we have in stock for you to use.

Makerspace Rules

User Declaration

The general rules and procedures of the Makerspace.

Safety Rules

The safety rules and procedures that must be observed.

General Introduction

A general introduction into the Makerspace.