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Oct 04, 2023, 11:00 - 19:00
Open Day - SPH Hönggerberg 2023
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The freedom to explore, create, test and build your next idea.

Welcome to Student Project House, a space built for the thriving creative community within ETH. This is where students (hi!) gather, experiment, test out concepts, supercharge group projects and build tomorrow’s ideas, today. Drop in and get started!

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What’s Inside SPH?


With coworking spaces, networking events, workshops, coaching, and funding opportunities, SPH gives student projects a launchpad to make a real-world impact.


A student-run space with tools and machines for all your self-started projects and prototyping needs. All ETH students – bachelor, master and doctorate – are welcome.

SPH in Numbers

Student Projects

We are developing a walking aid for the blind using artificial intelligence.
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BTS - Booth To Sing
Booth To Sing is a project to create a Karaoke booth for small groups of people. Similar to a telephone booth where people could come in and insert coins (like a vending machine) to sing a few songs
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Changing one’s (eating) habits is hard and information concerning healthy, eco-friendly diets can be overwhelming and contradicting. Therefore, we want to support people who want to make the change
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Rimon Technologies
Rimon develops a platform, such that companies can create Augmented Reality (AR) Step-by-Step (SBS) instructions, simply using four components: Images, Videos, CAD-Models & the logic. The
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Sophia Edu Labs
We are creating an app that leverages the power of engaging short videos and personalized tutoring through Artificial intelligence, to give every child on this planet access to high-quality education.
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