We are not only at ETH Zentrum; visit us on Hönggerberg as well.

SPH Hönggerberg


Make your own custom Easter presents in the Makerspace. Get inspire, find the right project for you and get started!

Chocolate bunny

Craft your own delicious chocolate bunny (or egg, or pretty much anything else!) from scratch, starting with creating the mold yourself.

Wooden egg

Create Easter décor with our Wooden Laser-Cut Egg project! It illuminates the room and is perfect for adding a festive glow to your home this Easter season.

Wood bunny stand

Crafted from wood, this cute bunny stand adds a playful accent to any space. Complete it and you get a perfect display for Easter treats!

Egg sachet

Sew your own egg sachet, get creative with the graphics and fill it with your favorite chocolates (or real eggs). It is perfect for gifting or as Easter decor.

Combine it with the Wooden Bunny Stand for an even more exciting result.