We enable you to explore in the field of biology and to push your ideas further. We provide a biology lab (bio safety level 1), equipment and coaching for your own bio project & experiments.


Get Advice

Do you have an idea for a bio project and have always wanted to conduct your own experiments? Join the SPH Biolab Onboarding! We will discuss your Biolab idea and you become a part of SPH - with access to coaching, funding and other offers.

Lab work

Conduct your own experiments in the Pop-up Biolab. Once we have agreed in a personal conversation what your project is about, you will get an introduction and access.

About the SPH Pop-up Biolab

  • Conduct experiments (bio safety level 1) and push your ideas forward
  • Find out more in an individual meeting: Can you start with your idea? What can you do exactly?

Who is eligible?

  • You passed the first bachelor year (”Basisprüfung”).
  • You have an idea for a Project which is extra-curricular.


Your Next steps

Get started!

SPH Hönggerberg (HPM Building, Room E22)

Get in contact to visit us.

Join our community!

Our SPH Project "Student Biolab Zurich" acts as platform and community for students to design, prototype, and implement their life science research and product ideas.