The Student Biolab

The Student Biolab is a platform and a community for students to design, prototype, and implement their life science research and product ideas.

We are a group of motivated students, sharing biology and biotechnology as common passion. Our team is extremely interdisciplinary: we are biologists, engineers, computer scientists.

We were born last February but we have already achieved an important milestone: having our own wet lab. Here we run experimental workshops, build startup prototypes and, in general, meet with passionate people to share thoughts and ideas.

Our lab is a place where to work on your own project; we are equipped with modern biology instrumentation that can be freely used. But that’s not all. We are building a strong network with corporate Industry partners, to transform the lab in a space where we can answer to the need and demands of the market.

We are progressively growing, and we are open to welcome new passionate people. Are you ready to join us?