4 out of 400+

In a month, on December 31, we will announce our final count of 400+ projects. As we bid farewell to 2023, we invite four projects from this diverse pool to share reflections on their journey throughout the year.

MYDO Mushrooms: A Fungi-filled Year in Review

MYDO Mushrooms (Maylin Blunier & Dominik Bögli) reflects on a year of remarkable growth and achievements at the Student Project House.

Cultivated mushrooms in a fruiting chamber
Cultivated mushrooms in a fruiting chamber. (Photograph: Project MYDO Mushrooms)

With the invaluable support of the Pop-up Biolab, MYDO Mushrooms reached new heights in mushroom cultivation. The establishment of a fruiting chamber allowed meticulous cultivation of lion's mane mushrooms—from single cells on agar plates to substantial fruiting bodies on a wood substrate. A significant milestone was proudly achieved with the harvest of their first steak-sized mushrooms.

Unbound Potential: Scaling New Heights

Over the past year, UP has found its home in the picturesque headquarters in Thalwil. The team and demonstrator have expanded, now welcoming their 14th team member. Noteworthy achievements include the successful completion of the first business angels round, filing a patent to protect their innovative solution, and the honor of representing ETH Zurich at the CESAER Annual Meeting (CAM) 2023 in Madrid.

CESAER Annual Meetings 2023
Pier Giuseppe Rivano at the CESAER Annual Meetings 2023. (Photograph: Project Unbound Potential)

Excitement peaked when they were selected as one of the top two finalists in Europe as part of the CESAER Student Challenge 2023.

Menstruation in Space: Defying Gravity and Breaking Stereotypes

In a quest to design a menstrual product for women in extreme environments, the team embarked on a unique journey. Collaborating with the French Space Agency and Claripharm, a feminine hygiene company, the project took a significant leap forward.

Lessons learned from a zero-gravity flight emphasized the importance of teamwork and continuous testing. This project underscores the significance of finding the right collaborators and consistently testing prototypes for success.

Safespace: Nurturing Mental Well-being

Safespace had a pivotal year, marked by the initiation of beta testing for the mental health chatbot after meticulous design and fine-tuning. Leadership lessons focused on maintaining balance and sensitivity to individual needs within the team. Applying a patient and methodical research approach, learned through academic work, has been instrumental in Safespace's journey to create a mental health solution that truly makes a difference.

Matteo Pinna from Project Safespace showing his Prototype
Matteo Pinna from Project Safespace showing their Prototype. (Photograph: Project Safespace)

Having these diverse and impactful projects within the Student Project House, we eagerly anticipate what the future holds. Here's to more sustainable growth, collaboration, and success in the coming year!