VirtualAlpha is a web platform that enables students to learn more about the financial markets. It offers a variety of tools to try out different investment strategies.

Students receive a virtual portfolio in which they can invest as they wish, and the prices are those of the real market. So with VirtualAlpha there is no financial risk.

VirtualAlpha offers many functionalities that are also available on the real market, such as limits and stops, and of course dividends are paid out. In addition, there are various statistics to assess the success of one's own strategy. The platform is very user-friendly and intuitive, so that students can navigate quickly and easily. Training materials and resources will soon be available to help students better understand the financial markets and different investment strategies. Some schools are already using VirtualAlpha and investments can be made worldwide.

It is important to start thinking about funding your pension at a young age. Long-term investing is an important solution to this. VirtualAlpha makes it possible to invest successfully in the financial markets and prepare for the future.