Unomed is #1 for secure medical communication and collaboration. Why #1? you may ask.

Well first off, it's in our name. ;) Jokes aside, Unomed is the Swiss all-in-one platform designed to facilitate secure and efficient communication among medical teams, between healthcare providers, and with patients.

Under the backdrop of a healthcare system in Switzerland that is notoriously behind in its digitization efforts, Unomed aims to be a key piece of the solution by connecting all stakeholders within the ecosystem and, in a next step, integrating various patient- and professional-facing services.

At Unomed, we firmly believe that digitization can only succeed when there is an authentic desire from users to engage with the technology and cannot simply be imposed from above. This is why we consistently follow a user-centered approach, focus on magic moments, and seek win-win solutions for all sides involved.

Unomed UI

Our ultimate goal? To make the day-to-day work of medical professionals easier, to optimize patient outcomes through more efficient communication, and to provide better data protection, especially when interacting with patients.

If our vision resonates with you, we warmly invite you to connect with us. Let's revolutionize healthcare together!