UniDress is a digital platform that helps local communities sell, rent and repair their wardrobe, creating a network that

encourages the reduction of individual environmental and social costs. UniDress enables users to extend the life of their

clothes, so that they are no longer considered disposable, thus changing the current linear path of our clothes.

In concrete terms, UniDress is:

- A second-hand marketplace for the sale, rent and rental of clothes between individuals

- A first-hand marketplace where ethical and sustainable brands are distributed

We also want to create value by giving life to our clothes. To do this, we ensure digital traceability of the garments. Everything is

tracked, from the moment the garment enters to the moment it leaves the platform, or in other words from its birth to its death.

We want the clothes to remain on the platform, even after a change of "owner", its status is the only variable. Our web app is already up and running. It enables students in Lausanne to sell and repair their clothes. To date, it has more than 400 users and over 200 clothing ads.