We are tiun, a micropayment service for media and streaming that enables users to pay for content based on the time they use a service for.

tiun's technology allows consumers to access media content from their favorite online services and pay for it based on the time they consumed the service for. The pricing is set by the content creator or business, and the consumer gets charged seamlessly based on an unlock fee and a fixed time interval fee during the time he uses the service for. With tiun, consumers need only one account to access and pay for premium media content.

tiun targets two customer segments: Businesses / enterprises interested in time-based payments and "never-subscribers," who are willing to pay more for convenience and flexibility. Enterprises and smaller businesses can benefit from tiun's low-code integration tool to accept payments and reach a new type of consumer.

Consumers, on the other hand, can download one digital wallet in the form of an app and access digital content from different content providers with a tailored offering. Tiun Business

tiun's solution provides a more cost-effective, convenient, and flexible way for consumers to access media content and for businesses to monetize their content, without the hassle and expense of subscriptions.