Swissloop Tunneling

Swissloop Tunneling is a student association aiming at innovating tunneling technologies by developing Micro Tunnel Boring Machines (MTBMs) and participating in international competitions, such as Elon Musk’s and The Boring Company’s Not-A-Boring Competition.

After its founding in August 2020, the team designed, produced, tested, and brought its first MTBM prototype to Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. At the competition, the team placed second among the seven other participants and over 400 applicants and won the Innovation and Design Award thanks to the innovative tunnel lining apparatus onboard Groundhog Alpha, the MTBM.

In addition to the volunteers engineering students composing the team, the association offers the opportunity for students to conduct research projects such as bachelor’s and master’s theses and semester projects in collaboration with various departments at ETH and other universities.