Enabling in-orbit services at scale with native AI in space

With the increasing frequency of satellite launches and impending space debris regulations, SPAICE is meeting the need for effective in-space servicing. Our solutions can enhance satellite lifespans by 50%, boost their revenue generation by 50%, and reduce collision risks by 20%. Traditional methods, limited by manual imprecise terrestrial controls, are inaccessible to 90% of the satellite market due to their prohibitive costs.

SPAICE pioneered leveraging Generative AI and Deep Reinforcement Learning to develop the first fully autonomous solution for In-Orbit Services (IOS). Our proprietary software tools (under patent filing) enable seamless navigation and multitasking robotic services and integrate with existing satellite systems to improve their capabilities. Our software is delivered through a plug-and-play servicing platform including sensors, robot arms, and a computing unit. As a modular payload, our platform is ready to be integrated into any existing satellite, transforming it into a functional in-orbit servicer. Our positioning is centered around being a technological enabler, providing the missing piece to allow IOS to be applied at scale.

Our team has developed the world's largest photorealistic dataset of orbiting assets, comprising over 1 million images. By learning to optimize universal reward functions, SPAICE's technology excels in understanding perception features and control policies from data patterns, directly through interaction with the environment. This innovation is scalable across multiple use cases and adaptable to varying targets and mission requirements, overcoming the main limitation of current IOS prototypes, whose design is tied to a particular target satellite and mission, thus being unscalable.

Founded by a top-tier team from prestigious institutions including Imperial College London, ETH Zurich, and Oxford, SPAICE is at the forefront of space technology. We're currently validating our solutions through Proof of Concepts (PoCs) with leading European space entities and have an exciting lineup of projects in our pipeline.