SmartStamp is the pioneering new standard in the art world.

We facilitate the non-invasive registration and dependable verification of the authenticity and provenance of works of art.

ARTISTS are provided with a reliable platform to protect the originality of their works and effortlessly earn royalties. This has a direct impact on their reputation and market value.

ART COLLECTORS will be assured of the authenticity of their investments, increasing the intrinsic and financial value of their collections.

MUSEUMS will be able to maintain the integrity of their exhibitions by ensuring that every piece on display is genuine and its history is transparently documented.

SUPPLY CHAIN companies benefit from streamlined verification processes that significantly reduce the risk of works of arts being exchanged for fakes during transportation.

INSURANCE companies will benefit from lower claims costs and improved profitability. As the certainty of each artwork's authenticity enables a more accurate risk assessment and pricing, the cost of insuring artworks will decrease.

BORDER CONTROL authorities will be able to monitor the cross-border movement of artworks more efficiently, prevent illegal trade, and ensure compliance with international art trade regulations.

Secure digital verification creates an ecosystem of trust that improves operational efficiency in all areas. It promotes a market environment characterized by transparency, trust and security and influences the valuation and exchange of art. This system acts as a deterrent against fraud and theft and helps in the recovery and validation of art to its rightful owner.