Semper Vision

At Semper Vision, we are building helmet cameras and software to make bicycle rides in city traffic safer & smarter and simplify the accident claims process of insurances through lawful video evidence.It is our vision to build a widespread network of mobile dashcams & helmet cams in cities and our helmet cam is the first step in the direction of assembling this network. We believe much of the video footage gathered by automobiles, security cameras, GoPros, etc. is poorly used and we want to extract more meaning and make more sense from the vast amounts of video footage that is generated every day. Cities are full of vehicles that can feature cameras and provide widespread coverage and real-time footage of streets. Through built-in computer vision and AI models, we ultimately want to use such a camera network to offer services that benefit society like, for example, improving the response times of health authorities to emergencies in urban areas, offering cheaper, personalised car/bicycle insurance or detecting road hazards on streets. These are only some of the many use cases we consider and we strongly believe that society could greatly benefit from a camera network that provides real-time insights into what happens in cities.