Scandens (former Greenovate)

An increasing number of building owners in Switzerland either want (due to environmental awareness) or are forced to (due to new and stricter energy laws) renovate their building and replace their old, fossil fuel heating system with a low-carbon one. However, they face two problems:

  1. INFORMATION BARRIER: for that an expensive and time-consuming energy consulting is necessary;
  2. HIGH INVESTMENT COST: even though low-carbon heating systems are more profitable over their lifetime.

This often results in the installation of a suboptimal system and a missed financial and environmental opportunity.

greenovate is an energy consulting and financing platform designed for homeowners, installers/craftsmen and banks. With our bottom-up, physics based building evaluation tool, we determine the optimal renovation strategy for any building including a personalized financing solution. As a bridge between building owners, installers and financiers, we aspire to be a one-stop shop for building energy renovations.

Our goal is to give 45’000 homeowners, who each year choose a fossil fuel heating system due to the lack of expertise and funds, the opportunity to get a low-carbon solution and save money. Energy consulting has never been so easy, affordable and time-saving as it is with greenovate.