RoboticGen Academy: Journey-based STEM puzzles

Journey-based STEM Education with Obo’s Odyssey: Unlock your inner hero!

Obo's Odyssey offers a unique journey-based STEM education experience for K-12 students, blending the excitement of engineering and technology with the thrill of adventure. Through our online platform, learners embark on a mission with Obo Jr., a robot poised to become a superhero. This adventure is packed with weekly challenges that are not only engaging but also align with the Sustainable Development Goals, fostering a deeper understanding and commitment to global issues.

Our rich ecosystem includes physical and hybrid online programs, competitions, and workshops, designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience. Starting in Sri Lanka with over 50 enthusiastic participants, our initiative is rapidly expanding, inviting students worldwide to join the quest. At Obo's Odyssey, we believe in nurturing the innovators, problem-solvers, and leaders of tomorrow by making STEM education a captivating journey towards making a meaningful impact. Embark on this educational adventure and help shape a sustainable future, one challenge at a time.