Rapidata annotates large datasets rapidly, accurately, and cost-effectively by harnessing the power of the crowd. We replace boring full screen ads in mobile apps with small and interactive data labeling tasks for AI. This is more fun for the app user, more lucrative for the app publisher and cheaper for our clients with data labeling needs. Free apps on phones attract billions of users and are a huge market. In many of these free games/apps there are mechanisms to watch up to 60s ads to gain either an advantage or time in the game/app. These ads are annoying, and the user's time could be used in a much more effective way to generate value. We integrate ourselves amongst the advertisement providers that developers currently use to monetize their app. Instead of an ad, we will have the user complete small tasks that are simple for a human but hard for a computer, such as labeling, collecting, and validating data in a gamified way to generate value. A dedicated and optional front end allows each customer to create the tasks they need. This makes the system even easier to scale.