OBICH Bulgaria is a new organization focused on helping children and elderly people in need. Our mission is to create the connection between donors and care homes, starting from the Republic of Bulgaria, the home country of our core team, while keeping a vision to expand beyond. With the help of modern digital means, we are creating the first interactive map of orphanages and homes for the elderly in Bulgaria. With its help, donors will be able to easily and quickly get information about the destination of their donation and the needs of the respective institution, as well as to make a donation within seconds, which they can track from the moment of payment to its final destination. The special feature of our project is that it takes money donations out of the equation - after contacting each care home on the territory of Bulgaria, our goal is to include a list of the exact items they need into the system. This way, people will be able to donate specific items and make a difference for the care home residents in real time. With this project we hope to make a positive change in the lives of those who need care and support from our society.