At NeuroPrune, we are inspired by the biological process of neural pruning. In the realm of artificial intelligence, we believe the path to advancement isn't solely through expansion or smarter chatbots but through strategic enhancement and, sometimes, necessary reduction. Our mission is to mature neural networks. This philosophy led us to our initial concept of machine unlearning, introducing anonymity as a service — the idea designed to enable neural networks to forget, thereby protecting user privacy by erasing sensitive data like leaked passwords or personal information.

However, our journey didn't stop there. We pivoted towards an underrated yet profoundly impactful area: facilitating conversations between chatbots. Imagine a digital offshoring realm where chatbots, each with unique roles and expertise, communicate with each other to solve problems more efficiently than a single, more advanced AI could. Or instead of having to ask the chatbot multiple times until it returns the answer you want, let another chatbot do that work for you. This approach not only has great use cases, but also makes us think about AI shortcomings, such as bias and hallucinations. Communication and the freedom to structure conversations gives us the framework to counteract those.