MeWell is a young student and staff organization with the focus on providing both professional and community-focused activities around raising awareness of mental wellbeing and fighting metal health stigma at the universities in Zurich.

For this purpose, MeWell offers a range of engaging activities focused on fighting mental health stigma in academia. Our events cover two main areas:

1. Mental health awareness

Our mental health awareness program consists of educational activities which inform and teach our community about various aspects of mental health such as: promoting mental wellbeing, recognizing the signs and symptoms of poor mental health, and talks covering current research. Each month, we tackle a different topic together with an expert in the field.

2. Community outreach social events

Our community outreach events offer an opportunity for our community to directly interact with each other and our team. This serves three main purposes:

  1. As a direct program to engage our community in a safe space and improve mental health through fun community activities.
  2. To potentially help redirect people to professional support organizations in case of poor mental health.
  3. As a recruitment and team development program.