Have you ever been inspired by an amazing article (e.g., on National Geographic, Scientific American, Wired)?

Do you want to be the one to inspire people? The Internet has enough low-quality contents, especially on sciience and complex issues like environmental degradation. Books are too cumbersome for most people living a modern hustle lifestyle. The traditional magazine giants also settled in a specific niche with predictable content and is no longer producing novel inspiration. We need something better.The project Marmotian is launched recently (link below) after some grueling hours of rewriting and web design. It is intended to be an online magazine/inspiration hub. The main goal is the synthesize new knowlegde from diverse disiplines (~ philosophy to natural sciences, currently with a major focus on environmental issues), with a creative and story-telling style. Articles can range from an imaginative story, analytic essay, interview with experts about an exciting discovery or problem.There are 3 main sub-journals currently:1. Ideollurgy 2. Debatique 3. Poetry and shortsI am looking for teammates who share a passion of creating knowledge, creative writing, debate, graphic and web design, poetry, etc. Join me to spice up your life and mind!:) Contact me for more detail