Labwear Studios

Labwear Studios is transforming fashion manufacturing to create a more equal, efficient and sustainable production solution.

The fashion industry has a major sustainability problem. Clothing is produced in large quantities, shipped to Europe, put on sale and the remaining stock is tried to be sold with big discounts. However, 20-30% of the clothes produced cannot be sold and end up on a landfill. So far, the industry lacks an alternative model that prevents overproduction and eliminates market entry barriers, as currently the minimum quantities are too large for emerging designers to build their own brands with their own products.

Team – Labwear Studios

Labwear Studios manufactures clothing for fashion designers and brands in the best factories in Portugal starting at as few as 50 pieces. The production takes only 4-6 weeks, instead of the usual 6 months in Asia. The production system of Labwear is based on the idea of "Lean Manufacturing" and applies this system of the car industry to the fashion industry. Labwear optimizes production to the smallest possible quantities to produce more agile, faster, and without overproduction. In addition, the garments are designed for a circular economy. Finally, all designers are empowered to give free rein to their creativity and develop better fashion.