The Instant Windows Project aims at providing an inexpensive and reliable method to restore broken windows in conflict zones and areas affected by natural disasters. With Instant Windows, we offer a solution to quickly and easily repair broken windows by using a patent pending, translucent double-layer plastic sheet. It provides both daylight as well as insulation.

A broken window may seem like a small problem – but depending on the climate, it can render homes uninhabitable, making their residents more vulnerable, endangering their health, and threatening them with displacement or homelessness. Every year, millions of people around the world are driven into this cycle of vulnerability for different reasons. One major reason is conflict.

The Instant Windows project aims to intervene early on by offering a simple, inexpensive replacement for broken windows, restoring people’s shelter and preventing a slide into displacement and further vulnerability.

Conflict simultaneously increases the risk of broken windows and makes them more difficult to repair: markets in affected areas are understocked, services are disrupted, and people’s financial resources are depleted. Shockwaves from shelling and explosions affect windows in a far larger radius than the explosion parameter. As conflict moves to more urban contexts, thousands of people lose vital protection against the elements.

Instant Windows doesn’t aim to offer a flashy gadget, but rather an inexpensive tool that is both accessible and practical, even under extreme circumstances.