Impromptu – AI art party game

You know how AI generated images are kind of weird sometimes? That's what Impromptu is about! In Impromptu, you first think of something you'd like to see as an image - like "Cats sword fighting" and watch the weird image get made. None of the other players can see what great image you just generated.

Boris Johnson fighting Darth Vader

When even that one slow person has their prompt written, we'll show one of the generated images to all of the players. They will try to come up with what the prompt might have been and trick everyone into thinking theirs is the original. Then, everyone guesses what the AI prompt actually was.

You get points for guessing right and also if someone guesses your prompt (whether fake or real). So now go! Get engulfed in the wacky world of AI generating anatomically incorrect hands with Impromptu!