Hier Summts
Insects play a central role in our ecosystems. They are important for pollinating various plants and form a substantial part of the food chain. Unfortunately, the diversity and quantity of insects has declined sharply in recent years and decades. Where they used to hum loudly, they are now silent. There are many reasons for this, ranging from intensification of agriculture to changes in land use patterns to the increasing threat of climate change. It is imperative to protect insects and their diversity. For this reason,

Hier Summts is committed to raising awareness about the diversity of insects, their benefits and insect mortality throughout Switzerland by educating members and the general public about the importance of insects to local ecosystems. General knowledge about insect conservation is to be conveyed in as many ways as possible, such as through school visits, excursions and lectures. So far, we have been able to offer various events on entomology and biodynamic viticulture which are open to both members and non-members.

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