At Hephaistos, we are revolutionising the chemical, agricultural, and pharmaceutical industries with our innovative approach to enzyme catalysis.

In today's rapidly evolving industries, the demand for efficient and sustainable processes is greater than ever. Conventional chemical synthesis, which is at the core of many industrial processes today, often relies on harsh conditions, toxic reagents and requires substantial energy, making it both environmentally and economically inefficient.

However, nature itself presents a solution: enzymes. These natural biocatalysts operate under mild conditions, with high specificity and precision, create minimal by-products, while catalysing the same reactions used in conventional chemical synthesis. Despite their immense potential, suitable enzymes for all industrial applications are not always already found in nature.

To solve this problem, we have created Hephaistos, a machine-learning (ML) model that learns from atomistic 3D structure data of existing enzymes. By using cutting-edge tools in protein engineering and bioinformatics, our model will be able to generate novel catalytic cores for any desired reaction – even on substrates not found in nature. We do not compete with existing enzymes, but instead create entirely new ones.