Fountain: The Sustainable Hydration Revolution

Every single day, 1.6 billion PET bottles are produced and discarded, contributing immensely to the plastic pollution crisis. At Fountain, we've taken a pledge to combat this overwhelming issue. How, you ask? By aiming to reduce 1 billion PET bottles in just 10 years and start making refilling the new normal.

But we need YOU to amplify our impact.

Here's why Fountain is more than just a hydration solution:

🌍 A Greener Tomorrow

Our system emits 90% less CO2 compared to traditional methods. When you're with Fountain, you're actively contributing to a cleaner and healthier planet.

🌊 Combat Plastic Pollution

Witnessing the devastating effects of plastic waste in places like Ghana, we've embarked on a journey to bring fresh, filtered water to everyone, without the environmental cost.

🍋 Innovate with Flavors and Enhancements

While our primary mission is sustainability, we also believe in delighting our users. As part of our team, you'll be at the forefront of delivering sugar-free flavored beverages that can be personalized with vitamins and minerals.

Are you passionate about making a tangible difference in the world? Eager to work on innovative solutions to address the plastic pollution crisis? Join Fountain and help us pave the way to a brighter, sustainable future for all! 🌱🌍🌊