Scientific laboratory equipment is often stored unused after its standard usage time, and sadly by default eventually ends up in the trash. In many cases the equipment is still functional, and potentially exactly what a school or university elsewhere needs for the training of talented students. EquipSent seeks to put such resources to better and more sustainable use by redistributing unused devices from high-income countries to partner institutions in low-income countries.

Laboratory equipment is a fundamental component of education at university level, yet it is often lacking in low-income countries due to high acquisition costs. We promote access to adequate education by facilitating transfers of out-of-use, functional equipment to educational institutions in need. As students at ETH Zurich, we appreciate the extensive practical experience offered along with theoretical education in our studies. However, in many institutions globally, practical experience with laboratory instruments is not offered due to financial limitations. Young people with great potential leave their home country and contribute to science and development in other countries, which results in a “brain drain”. In companies and research institutions of high-income countries, slightly outdated equipment is often not used after replacement with a newer device. The aim of EquipSent (ES) is to organize equipment transfers from European donors to universities and schools in low-income countries, thus enabling the hands-on training crucial for adequate education. By improving the teaching situation at educational institutions in these countries, we aim to solidify the foundations for a long-lasting, skilled workforce which can help create an impactful economy as well as a sustainable and independent society.