Engineers for Science

Engineers for Science is an initiative around promoting software engineering best practices in research. We believe that great science requires great software. Unfortunately, many researchers struggle to write effective code, leading to poor software quality, slowing down scientific progress.

That's where we come in. We connect researchers with experienced software engineers from the industry who can provide valuable feedback and guidance on best practices for software development. You can learn about some of these principles in our blog. By partnering with Engineers for Science, researchers can ensure that their software is a robust tool for their research and not a hindrance, enabling them to focus on their scientific discoveries.

But it's not just about helping researchers. Our initiative also benefits software engineers who are looking to gain experience in mentorship and leadership. By working with researchers, the engineers can gain valuable insights into the latest scientific discoveries and can apply their skills in new and exciting ways.

Join Engineers for Science today and help us bridge the gap between science and software engineering. Together, we can create better software and drive scientific progress forward.