bottleplus allows you to make you own sparkling water on the go - wherever and whenever you want. It works with an integrated carboniser that is enough for 10 bottles (0.6 liters each) of sparkling water. If the carboniser is empty, simply charge it at the refilling station at home.

By carbonating drinking water with bottleplus, you avoid plastic bottles and reduce your environmental footprint by 90% when drinking sparkling water. Also, 1 liter of sparkling water only costs you 15-20 cents.

The modular bottle base is the heart of our bottle. It can be easily unscrewed, replaced and cleaned. Today it is primarily a carboniser. In the future, for example, it will also be used as a water filter and flavour carrier. One day we will be able to offer (almost) every drink with it. And would come very close to our vision of sustainable beverage consumption.