Appeal AI

Appeal is building AI algorithms that help YouTubers find the most appealing titles and thumbnails for their videos, maximize their viewership, and boost their growth.

The choice of title and thumbnail are vital to the success of a YouTube video. The creator community has observed over and over again that even the highest quality productions will severely underperform if not supplemented with an adequate title and thumbnail. Similarly, an excellent title and thumbnail can cause the viewership of a mediocre video to skyrocket. Until now, it was impossible to know how well a title & thumbnail would perform without actually trying them out. Creators have to rely on their gut feeling to choose the title & thumbnail for their videos, where suboptimal choices result in significant revenue loss and much slower channel growth.

We are building cutting-edge algorithms that can reliably assess the quality of titles & thumbnails by analyzing the historical performances of millions of YouTube videos. We are planning to offer our services to creators around the globe at an affordable cost, so that they can fully reap the fruits of the countless hours of work that go into their videos.