Alter Ego

While buying clothes online, most customers are uncertain about the size that would fit them. Hence, 30% of the ordered articles are returned and handling these operations costs up to 50% of a company’s revenue. Half of these returns are reported to be due to size fitting issues and most of the articles are damaged during the process and then burned.

Alter Ego provides a tool that will allow shoppers to have a real fitting room experience on their smartphones.

Check out the Video:

Users will have to download a few body pictures on our application which will create their Avatar: a 3D representation oftheir bodies with precise measurements. Users will then be able to use their “Alter Ego'' on shopping platforms, get sizerecommendations and even try the outfits on their avatars. This process will drastically reduce online returns, retailerswill be willing to pay a license to use the avatars and our system on their platform.