Unlocking Creativity in the DMS Sparring Sessions & Workshops

In our Digital Makerspace (DMS), we help students choose the right tools and design approaches for their digital projects. In these sessions, our experienced DMS managers (who are also students) share their experience and knowledge and give customised advice for students' individual project ideas. This is also a good opportunity for students to review (rubberducking) their code.

Digital Makerspace Managers on ETH Campus
Digital Makerspace Managers at Polyterrasse, ETH Zentrum

This two-way dialogue is also a great way to spread knowledge within the student community. Surprisingly, it benefits not only the students, but also our DMS managers, who often discover new tools and technologies through these interactions. This enriches their expertise and the collective intelligence of the community.

One standout session featured a student, who, after scheduling a 30-minute slot on a Friday evening, delved into a 1 hour and 30-minute exploration of his project. The session was filled with engaging discussions and valuable insights into how to detect new parcels in your letterbox with an IoT device. Inspired by the experience, the student is now signing up a project at SPH. We are grateful about the impact the DMS help sessions have on students and excited to seeing the digital projects that come out of it.

Students working on their AI Chatbot
DMS LLM Workshop: Students working on their AI Chatbot

On top of our DMS help sessions we deliver several workshops where students can learn hands-on the basis of a number of digital tools and technologies. Our last addition is an introduction to Large Language Models (LLMs). Designed for students of all skill levels, this workshop offer the chance to create AI chatbots, adding an exciting dimension to the creative process. Whether you're a beginner curious about AI or a seasoned pro looking to expand your skill set, this workshop is for you.

Finde more information on the DMS, including the offer to borrow hardware from SPH here.