Semester Check-in FS2023

Since Spring 2021, every semester start, the team at SPH takes the opportunity to learn more about the projects they support and their plans, as well as gather their opinions in a standardised way. As a result, we have collected significant data on the growth and impact of our projects.

The data is nothing short of impressive. According to the latest figures, SPH has been able to grow their project population by a factor of 6 since 2021 while maintaining high-quality services and a stable net promoter score in the excellent range.

Excellent NPS – Spring 2023

In 2022, the SPH supported a total of 286 projects. Of these, 249 have re-registered for this semester. We are pleased to continue to have a total of 900+ team members. What’s more, 60-70% of these projects serve or have served an environmental or social purpose.

Based on the latest data, the most important services offered by SPH to our projects are the co-working space, networking/community, and coaching. This is a notable shift from previous years, as coaching has been the most important service in the past.

What are the three most important SPH offers for your project?
Survey question: What are the three most important SPH offers for your project?

To get a better idea of what our projects want to learn at SPH and find out about their focus in this semester, take a look at the graph.

What will be your top 3 focus areas for your project this semester?
Survey question: What will be your top 3 focus areas for your project this semester?

Project members are continuing to prioritise product development as a key focus area. It's also interesting to note that the need to acquire funding or investments has increased. This may reflect a growing awareness among project members of the importance of securing financial support in order to scale their projects and bring their products to market.

Overall, the continued focus on early-stage characteristics of projects suggests that SPH remains a hub for innovation and experimentation, where project members can receive the support and resources they need to develop and launch new ideas. It will be exciting to see how these projects continue to evolve and grow in the coming months and years.

About: The Student Project House (SPH) at ETH Zurich was built with a unique vision:
It wants to be a dynamic melting pot that would produce the next generation of makers and innovators. We offer students a no-pressure environment that encourages inspiration, discussion, and hands-on (and often messy) exploration to develop a mindset focused on creativity, innovation, and change.