Pop-up Biolab's 1st Anniversary

Yesterday, we celebrated the 1st year anniversary of SPH’s Biolab with students, researchers, professors, donors & sponsors. The event was moderated by Mattis who warmly welcomed Dr. Judith Zimmerman, head of UTL, to present the vision of SPH, statistics of the Biolab's first year, and achievements.

Our passionate students shared their ambitious bio projects, and we gained insights into their visions, achievements, and challenges. Thank you, Oliver Nagl, Olga Ombach, Stella Morger, Dominik Bögli, Isabella Müller-Vogt, Hannah Osthaus, Lilly Malorny, Dominik Götz, Tu Lan, Joseph Iwasyk, Julian Hengsteler, Salma Azer, and Larissa Bison. We are happy to have provided them with the support and resources you needed to make your projects a success.

At the celebration, Estelle Clerc, the founder of CellX, inspired us and our students with her project's story.

After the presentations, Dr Ulrich Genick and Dr Tanja Luhovska invited our guests to an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of SPH Pop-up Biolab facilities where they witnessed how it all got started and had space to imagine the potential that lies ahead.

During the Networking Appero, we continued our conversation and celebration while getting to know one another. We also learned more about the projects and ways that students, researchers, and supporters may get involved or support the Biolab.

Our success would not have been possible without the support of professors and donors. We extend a big thank you to Dr. Wael Yared, CTO of Tecan, for generously supporting our Biolab. The donation has made a huge difference to the lab's performance and progress. We would also like to express our gratitude to: Katja Köhler, Prof. Markus Künzler, Matthias Gstaiger, Prof. Paola Picotti, Prof. Karsten Weis, Prof. Nicola Zamboni and Markus Gut.

Thank you to everyone who attended and celebrated with us. We look forward to supporting more and are excited to see how the next year unfolds.