The Makerspace

The Makerspace is an open and free workshop for all ETH students and ETH affiliated persons. In the Makerspace you are able to perform most types of standard prototyping and repairing work. The space is run by our talented Makerspace team, hence working in the makerspace is a student to student learning experience.

What can I make here?

The answer is almost ANYTHING. From fixing your bike light to building a prototype for your project we are capable of supporting almost any project. A list of available tools and machines can be found here.

We do have certain restrictions. For example we do not support projects that you do for your course if the institute already gives you access to a workshop for this very purpose (such as Architecture models or the Innovation project in D-MAVT). We also do not allow users to fabricate something with a commercial purpose (small-series production).

If you are not sure whether you can realize your project in the Makerspace, just talk to a Makerspace Manager or email us.

So the Makerspace is like a technical Playground for ETH?

That is a way of putting it. We want to foster creativity and we want you to feel free to try something out that may not work the first time. That is the innovation process. Don’t be shy! Come by and start building something. If you are not sure of what to build, you can join one of our community projects.

Open Hours

Mon. 16:30 - 19:30
Tue. 16:30 - 19:30
Wed. 16:30 - 19:30
Thu. 16:30 - 19:30
Fri. Easter Break
Sat. Easter Break
Sun. Easter Break

Makerspace Closed

Easter Break 18.04.2019 28.04.2019

Getting started in the Makerspace

Getting started in the Makerspace is easy! You need:

General Introduction

The short general introduction is mandatory to do anything in the Makerspace. Just come by during an open hour and ask a Makerspace Manager for it.

Machine Introductions

To use more complex machines (3D-Printers, Lasercutters, Drill Press, Bandsaw) you need a specific machine introduction.

Machine introductions take place scheduled from Monday to Friday at 16:00 – 16:30 (just before the Makerspace open hours). During the open hour you might also ask for a machine introduction, but we can't guarantee that the Makerspace Manager has time to do it anytime.

For further questions just send us an email.

Machine Introductions


There are no upcoming events at this time.


Machine Manuals

FDM 3D-Printing

How to use our Prusa i3 3D printers

FDM 3D-Printing Multi Material

How to use multiple materials in one print



How to use the Epilog Legend 36EXT lasercutters


CNC Manual

How to use the Roland MDX 540 CNC mill

CNC Stepover Table

Table with the maximum stepover values

CNC Toollibrary

Toollibrary to use in Fusion 360



How to use the Curio Hobbyplotter


Material List

All components available in the Makerspace Electronics Shop.

General Rules

User Declaration

The general rules and procedures of the Makerspace.

Safety Rules

The safety rules and procedures that must be observed.

General Introduction

A general introduction into the Makerspace.


Welcome to the Makerspace Hub. This page gives you an overview you of your Makerspace profile. Find out which machines you are authorized to use, your Makerspace Cash balance and your transaction history.

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