"I don't have an idea for a project."

Don't Panic

No project idea is needed at the start.

Trust in your abilities and unleash your potential. Watch your unique project idea emerge.

Three easy ways to start at SPH.

  • Join a Peers & Cheers event and witness inspiring project pitches from others.
    After the event, we'll connect you with both our seasoned SPH members and enthusiastic newcomers

  • Book a curiosity session with a SPH coach to explore what matters to you and how this could be a project idea!

  • Come over for a visit. Our friendly Welcome Desk staff, will be delighted to share more about our offerings.
Am I eligible? – Who this offer is for.

Any level of studies

  • bachelor (after Basisprüfung)
  • master
  • phd

Any stage

  • no idea yet
  • initial thought
  • problem to solve
  • early stage project
  • established project

Any type

  • robots
  • AI
  • humus
  • construction
  • cats (or dogs)
  • services
  • fun
  • ...