Unbox Your Idea

The very first Unbox program is coming to an end.

8 project teams are going through the process of Needfinding, Ideation, Prototyping and Pitching. Would you like to see the final prototypes & exchange with the students in the program? Then you are welcome to the Final pitches & Networking on May 23rd 6-8pm in the Student Project House. More about the Final Event.



Unbox Your Idea

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If you have any question – just contact Moritz

Develop solutions for real-world problems

Who is it for?

  • Do you enjoy team work and would like to experience a product development process hands-on?
  • Is your mind working on a real-world problem and you are looking for a way to solve it?
  • Do you have an idea for a new product, but don’t know how to start?

We have created this program to empower you to bring an idea into life. You are welcome to join the program with your own idea or with the motivation to join a team. If you bring a strong motivation, we will provide you with the relevant methods, coaching and cash to make your idea happen!


How does it work?

Over one semester you will work in a team with other students to take an idea from the need to a final prototype. At the kick off we will discuss ideas and form teams, at the final event you will showcase your prototype to internal & external experts. In between there are three input workshops in which you will learn the relevant methods to proceed. On your side you will have product development experts & team coaches to help your team to implement the innovation process for your specific project. Additionally, the maker experts from our Makerspace will help you to start building prototypes of your idea early on.


How do we get to the prototype?

This programs will guide you through the fuzzy front end of a product development process. During input lectures and in hands-on sessions with the coaches you will learn to apply state-of-the art methods in idea development and prototyping. The process consists of the following three main phases:

understand needs

Empathize with potential users, understand the problem, and define problem statements

create ideas

Generate a variety of possible solutions, test feasibility, obtain feedback from experts and users

prototype solutions

Build and test your idea using modern, rapid prototyping tools such as 3D printers, laser cutters, arduino platforms…

Key Facts

What about the idea?

First of all, you are welcome no matter if you already have an idea or a problem in mind, or not.
In this program we will start from ideas/problems that have a novel aspect and the potential to generate value on a market, for society in general or the ETH specifically. Don’t worry, your idea/problem does not to be super sophisticated – it can be just an initial thought. If you have any doubts whether your idea is suitable for this program, just contact us!

What you get

  • 500 CHF for prototyping
  • freedom to follow your own idea
  • free access to makerspace and co-working space
  • Coaching in input lectures from experts
  • ETH participation certificate

What you bring

  • teamplayer and motivation to bring an idea to live
  • approx. 1 day/week
  • interest to make hands-on experiences in the context of product development
  • ETH Student (all disciplines, BSc, MSc or PhD)

Important dates

  • KICK OFF: Teamformation & Input needfinding – Saturday March 10th, 9-18
  • WS 1: Presentation problem statements & Input idea geneneration – Wednesday March 21st, 16-19
  • WS 2: Presentation validated ideas & Input prototyping – Wednesday April 18th, 16-19
  • WS 3: Presentation functional prototypes & Input pitching – Wednesday May 16th, 16-19
  • FINAL EVENT: Presentation to experts & Hand over of certificates – Wednesday May 23rd, 18-20

Besides theses dates, on which all teams come together, individual workings sessions are arranged within the teams and with the coaches.

Your new home

During this program, the Student Project House in the HPZ Building will serve as your home base. You will be part of a community of students that are all passionate about what they are doing.