Sufficient protein for preterm infants


Premature births cause low birth weight, brain defects, and various diseases. It is thus crucial to minimize counter effects by an optimal preterm nutrition with fast weight gain.

Exclusive human milk based nutrition significantly reduces the chance of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), the leading mortality cause among preterm infants. However, human milk by itself has a lower protein content than needed for preterm infants (four-times too low) and need to be fortified. We provide a new and innovative solution for this problem.



Currently available commercial solutions focus on bovine-origin protein fortifiers that are added to the human milk. However, this can lead to additional health risks due to its non-human origin. We solve this problem by providing protein fortifiers obtained from human milk. We plan do so by a simple and preferably automated device designed for hospitals, which can provide the human-origin protein fortifiers on-side in real-time and is operated by nurses without special education. Currently no automated protein enrichment process for human milk exists and expensive lab equipment is needed including trained personnel.