Tecido Schweiz GmbH

Tecido Schweiz GmbH is a Swiss start-up company rethinking the current B2B textile industry!The textile industry is mostly based on the logic of mass production and so 25% of clothes are never sold, ending up on a landfill! We are rethinking production and are in the process of building a production-on-demand platform in Portugal. With this reshoring strategy and lean manufacturing approach, we are creating an agile value chain in fashion, making textile production drastically more sustainable, faster, and better!Based on this platform, we’re operating two business units.With tecido.ch, companies, associations, and clubs can create and manage their own team- or merchandise-collection, while ordering on-demand and online from their collection. Further the team-collection can be shared with members, allowing them to order clothes by themselves. This way, Tecido clients can dress their teams in a simple, sustainable, and time-saving way.The Labwear Studios business unit revolves around white-label apparel (wholesale blanks) for emerging streetwear brands and designers. Ultimately, the release of a comprehensive production solution for established fashion brands will follow, so they can produce their entire collection on-demand in Europe via our production platform.