We encourage you to prototype your ideas as early as possible. Very simple prototypes from cardboard and paper can help to test your assumptions.

  • in the Co-working space:
    there is a wooden prototyping cart in the co-working space, including soft prototyping material, such as cutters, wire, paper, ... You can just use it. Please do not use tools from the Makerspace or your own tools outside the yellow line.
  • in the open studio
    if you have the Makerspace General Introduction you can unlock the door for the Studio Tools which can be used inside the yellow zone.
  • in the makerspace
    our Makerspace Managers are happy to help you during the Open Hours. Many of the tools in the Makerspace can be used with the General Introduction. Most of the bigger machines require Machine Introductions.
  • outside SPH
    If our facilities are not enough for your prototyping plans, let us know. We have some contacts to other workshops inside and outside ETH.

General Introduction
If you want to use the Makerspace, you need the General Introduction. This introduction takes 30 min and can be performed in the beginning of each Open Hour. It allows you to work during the Open Hours with the tools in the Makerspace. Furthermore there are basic tool in the Open Studio outside the Makerspace, which can also be used aside the Open Hours. All tools have to stay within the yellow zone at all times. Similarly, when you bring your own tool. Unfortunatly we can not allow privat power tools in the Makerspace.

Machine Introduction
If you want to use the 3D printers or the laser cutter or any other machine, you need a special introduction for each of the machines. After the introduction you can make your parts on the machines during the Open Hours of the Makerspace. Here are the dates for the Machine Introductions.

If you are a project at SPH you can book a 3D printer exclusively.

  1. Contact Moritz and explain why you need a printer exclusively
  2. Define the period of exclusive usage
  3. Check the printer out with Marvin (you can buy material at the Makerspace)
  4. use it
  5. Check it in with Marvin. In case something has to be repaired you have to pay the new parts and the working hours of a manager (40CHF/h)

During the time that you rented a 3d printer you are responsible for it. You can do what you want with it, but you also have to fix it yourself. If you are not able to do so the Makerspace team can do it for you outside an Open Hour (40CHF/h).

To use the printer efficiently it might make sense to get 24/7 access to the makerspace.

SPH projects can use our account at the physic shop (Hönggerberg) to order parts.

  • If you just need screws, you can just go there, take the screws and pay in cash in an envelope.
  • If you need other material, please make a list of the materials you need and contact Marvin.

If you order parts to the SPH, please consider the following points:

  • The billing address must be your private address
  • The address for dispatch should be the following. Please add your name.                    

             Student Project House
             Your Name
             HPZ F-Floor
John-von-Neumann-Weg 9
             8093 Zürich

  • where to deliver:
    • by post
      just use the address for dispatch mentioned above
    • by truck lower than 3m
      drive to the underground car park P1. Drive 80m after entering the entrance to the right and follow the sign "Anieferung". Deliver at Ramp 8, which is at the very end of the street. You have to be at Ramp 8 personally to accept the delivery.
    • by truck higher than 3m:
      the part should be delivered to Robert-Gnehm-Platz 1, 8093 Zürich (close to the red boulder rock). The delivery has to be transported to the SPH manually. You have to be there personally to accept the delivery.

At the Makerspace Hub you can check your balance, see lifestreams of the 3D Printers, and more ...