Docete! is the first Social media platform for teachers to share materials and connect.

The core of the platform is the social media page where teachers can post lessons, school materials, pictures, and everything related to school. Everyone can comment, like, dislike, and download the post. Further, every lesson can be reposted with additional materials or modifications required to adapt it to a different class. The archive page, on the other hand, collects all posted lessons and sorts them according to the subject, grade, school, and the number of likes/downloads. With a simple filter function, teachers can find and download the material they need.

In the future, we plan to add the possibility to post job advertisements, to advertise/propose further training courses as well as to create a private page for every teacher to collect the materials class by class, to create more “digital” lessons (quizzes, MC, summaries…), organize the school week and have an overview of the class.

What about the team?
We are Isabella, a trainee teacher and ETH Ph.D. student and Leo, an ETH student and free-time developer ;)