IT & Website manager (40 %)

We are looking for a new IT & Website Manager to join our team.

  • maintain our website and support changes of the design and the addition of new features
  • build customized workflows (e.g., event booking, calendars, key requests, etc.)
  • support the team with digital collaboration tools and general IT questions
  • server administration and contact to the ETH IT Services
  • monitoring and evaluation of our website traffic

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Manager Aero(space) Focus Area (30-40 %)

To build up programs, events and project mentoring in the area of (Aero)space, we are looking for a new team member for the position as Manager (Aero)space Focus Area.

  • create a concept, plan and budget for the (Aero)space activities
  • plan and implement specific programs, inspirational events, exhibits, etc. with the help of our service units
  • analyze what type of support teams of students need and actively participate in complementing our current offer with ad-hoc coaching and prototyping support
  • organize expert feedback sessions and contacts to potential sponsors / implementation partners in the field
  • measure student learning and collect feedback to improve our offer

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Marketing & Communication manager (80 %)

In this role, you are responsible for marketing and communication for the Student Project House.

  • Develop a marketing strategy for how to reach the students and to communicate the Student Project House as one brand, still giving visibility to all activities
  • Set up a yearly marketing plan by leveraging internal and external events
  • Implement marketing actions including planning of a few larger events, get internal permits for the activities and activating the different channels such as newsletter, social media, flyers/posters, and website
  • Support our units with materials and processes for finding sponsoring deals

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Makerspace Manager (8h / month)

  • Introduce the Makerspace to students
  • Guide users on how to use the Maschines
  • Get material for free, be part of a great team
  • No previous knowledge required
  • Voluntary activity 4 hrs every 2nd week

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