Nao Superfood Drinks

natural only


We are three students with a passion for sports and nature (ETH, UZH & HSG). During one of our training sessions, we had the idea of combining natural energy with great taste and a lifestyle product. Our vision was to use the energy of nature to help people achieve more. We didn’t need artificial ingredients to develop our Nao drinks. Nature inspired us. Now we want to inspire more people with our product. Less plastic, less sugar, more life – that’s why we use glass bottles and only a bit of natural sugar. Our mission is to make the beverage market healthier and more sustainable.


We have two products @ the moment, but we are expanding quickly. AWAKE is our caffeine Drink. With natural caffeine from Guarana and a great taste from cranberry and pomegranate, AWAKE gives you energy. RECHARGE is our Vitamin Drink. With natural Vitamin C from the Acerola fruit, RECHARGE contributes to your immune system stability.


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Cheers Hendrik