Our Story

The Makerspace is run by a team of students that enjoy building and creating stuff. The team consists out of 8 students from different fields of studies and covers a broad range of interests. Through this the Student Project House is able to provide help on a vast variety of topics when it comes to making.

It all got started in HS 2016 when we heard about the initiative at ETH to start a makerspace open to all students. Together with the ETH team we drafted a concept for a student-run makerspace. In late 2016 we installed most of the tools and in February 2017 we were ready to open the Makerspace in the Pilot Station. Since then, many things have happened (and been built!). We grew our Makerspace team from 3 to 8 students, we got a laser cutter and a drillpress and expanded our space with an additional room. We also run the makerspace workshops, which were a real success and got many new users excited for making.

Makerspace Team

Marvin Breuch
Makerspace Lead
Mathis Först
Makerspace IT & Finances

Flurin Schwerzmann
Makerspace Communications

Christian Engler

Carmen Scheidemann
Elise Aeby

Marc Widmer
Patrick Ziegler

Matt Grau

Paul Joseph

Peter Ganovsky
Stefan Gstöhl

Stefan Caranovic
Enrico Tosoratti

Gregory Rozanski

Philipp Fisch

Want to get involved in the Makerspace?

We are always looking to expand our team to make more possible in the makerspace, to increase the opening hours, offer more inspiring workshops and extend the offer of equipment. We are eager to hear about your motivation to join our team or to hold a workshop in the makerspace! makerspace@sph.ethz.ch

Makerspace Experts

The Makerspace experts are very important to our space. Peter overviews all our procedures, makes sure that the space is safe and makes links our services and needs to other uses and machine shops elsewhere at ETH Zurich. Mark is our design and fabrication expert, a professional carpenter and polymechanics engineer that can assist you with most fabrication problems. He also knows where else you can get support for your work, once the tools in the Makerspace are not enough.