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Smart sensors for healthy soil

Looking for:

  • Business & Marketing - have knowledge of business development of start-ups in the agritech sector, marketing and communication skills. Interested in soil health and protection. 
  • Electrical engineer - have hands-on experience with designing and assembling electronics, 3D printing, 3D design, willing to learn raspberry Pi, Python, principles of optics and fluorescence measurement. Interested in soil health and protection. 

Contact e-mail:

SLS 3D Printer for home usage

Looking for:

  • Mechanical Engineers for designing the complex mechanics of our 3d Printer,
  • Electrical Engineers for designing the PCB which controls temperature, movement, heating, etc. of the printer
  • Embedded Programmers for programming the firmware which coordinates everything from motion to the user interface.

Contact e-mail:

Complete breeding solution

Looking for a motivated intern, skilled in electrical Engineering and Information technology, with a strong knowledge in programming. Her or his main tasks would be to improve an existing electrical curcuit, as well as support us in cloud, microcontroller and app programming.

Contact e-mail:

Wearable device for swimmers

Looking for a software engineer to finalize our fifth and last prototype. More specifically, we need to extrapolate the data from the Smart band, evaluate it and display it on smartphones and desktops.

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human-computer interaction

Looking for: Business developers, Sales enthusiasts, Engineers.

Contact e-mail:

Making DNA analysis faster

Looking for: Programmers, Software Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Laboratory technicians, Chemists, Chemical Engineer.

Contact e-mail:

Smart file info extraction

Looking for people with a computer science background or related field.

Contact e-mail:

Software solution for surgery

Looking for a software engineering to implement augmented reality surgery assistance, AI implementation for automated planning and design

Contact e-mail:  Thomas Zumbrunn

city's fashion at your fingertips

We’re looking for a team-oriented Full Stack developer who is interested in having a leading role as the CTO at Gyra. You’d be joining a fun team with excited early users and a fast-growing customer base. If you’ve got great knowledge of JavaScript (Vue), TypeScript (NodeJS) and MongoDB, you’d be a perfect fit. However, we know that there is always room to learn so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

 Skills we look for: Full Stack Developer, great knowledge of JavaScript (Vue), TypeScript (NodeJS) and MongoD.

AI-based digital biomarkers

We are looking for two positions:

Product manager

o   Entrepreneurial team-oriented mindset with interests in technology and medicine

o   Fast learner with a flexible skillset and an independent working style

o   Prior experience with project management software (Jira and/or Asana)

o   Great communication and presentation skills in English and in German

o   Prior experience in the MedTech/digital health industry

o   A university degree related to innovation, entrepreneurship, and/or technology

o   Willing and able to work in Zurich



o   Experience in building iOS apps/libraries in Swift

o   Knowledge of Apple’s interface guidelines and service registration

o   Degree in computer science or another relevant technical field

o   Entrepreneurial and customer-oriented mindset

o   Willing and able to work in Zurich

Contact e-mail:

The future of co-working

Anybody with a hands-on mentality who wants to shape the future of co-working with us: Front-end Development, Bug Fixing & Testing (Marketplace web app built with React, Redux & CSS Modules and contains small Node.js server) / Project Management (PartnerAcquisition Strategy, Scaling) / Marketing (Strategy, Channel Development, Communications): we need help in many areas and you would be very free in driving your area! 


Contact e-mail

Green-tech startup
  • Business expert
  • IT expert- web designer (CTO).

Contact e-mail:

Improving your sitting posture

Business person that is willing to take the best strategic decisions in order to make SmartCover presentable to the largest European corporations. In addition, a hardware engineer that has experience in mass production would be necessary.

Contact e-mail:

Encouraging blood donations

Marketing, iOS Development, Android Development

Contact e-mail:

Transforming recruitment

We are looking for talents in our business development team, React.js & Typescript Tech support

Contact e-mail: Simon Hofer, CEO & Co-Founder:

Checkout-free solutions

We are looking for:

  • Software Engineering, experienced in Backend software development, Cloud, databases, DevOps
  • Machine Learning, Data Science, AI, skilled in Python, deep learning, Computer Vision

Contact e-mail: Roland Mörzinger:


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