Modular furniture system


The people of today become increasingly more and more mobile and with that the requirements for living change as well. furniture is a integral part of our everyday lifes, but it doesn’t take into account how often people nowadays move places. existing furniture systems are often expensive, complicated in assembly and require special tools.

Haigō modular furniture system aims at creating a much more intuitive and pleasant user experience by taking the advantages of modular furniture, but eliminating the need for tools or any additional fasteners when putting it together and providing a more affordable, well-designed alternative to high-end designer pieces.

How Does it Work?

Taking inspiration from traditional japanese woodworking techniques, haigō works with a custom-designed interlocking wood joint mechanism which allows for quick assembly without any tools. Combining this traditional craft with modern cnc technologies, enables the fabrication of the wood joints with the same amount of precision as traditionally achieved with hand tools, at the same time significally reducing production time and cost.
The open shelving system consists of different-sized modules which can be combined and expanded, allowing for the user to adapt the furniture to his changing needs.