Future of Food

Innovative solutions are required to tackle global food challenges of today and identify opportunities along the entire food value chain for tomorrow. Such opportunities in food and agriculture innovation include, but are not limited to:

Food Innovation

  • Healthy, sustainable or natural alternatives
  • Solutions against food waste
  • Novel packaging to reduce plastic waste
  • Plant- and insect-based meat alternatives or cultured meat from the lab

Agriculture Innovation

  • Remote sensing techniques such as in-field sensors, drones and satellite imagery
  • Novel solutions to decrease usage of pesticides and herbicides
  • Robotics for increasing efficiency during harvest
  • Blockchain for increasing transparency, traceability and efficiency along the supply chain

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Food and Agriculture Expert: Lucie Rejman

If you have an idea in this area, want support or just want to have a chat over a cup of coffee, then contact Lucie our «Future of Food» Project Lead. Lucie holds a PhD in Food Engineering, founded her start-up ZüriChips and is lecturer for Food Innovation at ETH.