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What is it?

The Digital Health Event is a new forum at ETH where invited politicians, researchers and executives come together to exchange about the future of health care and the influence of digitalization in it. An important aspect in these discussions will be the impact of new technologies and the role of ETH in this transformation. The event features an immersive experience, networking and controversial heated debates around the future of health care. To complement this rich event, we organize three workshops to discuss the same topics with you as a student, to bring your perspective into the debates.

What is in it for me?

This is a unique opportunity to develop ideas around Digital Health questions in an interdisciplinary team. After the workshops, you will get the chance to get in touch with the politicians and company executives to share your results.

  • Team of 5-8 students
  • Personal input from the Digital Health Event experts
  • Professional moderation –  creative process, develop future scenarios and solutions

Participating in these workshops will not only give you the opportunity to network, but also to learn about the future of health care, creative brainstorming processes and your personal skills.

How can I join?

If you are a student at ETH, you are welcome to sign up for one or several of the workshops. Each workshop last 3 hours and will be hosted in the InCube special Venue on the ETH Polyterasse. The event is free of charge. Drinks, food and creative spirit included.

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DigitalHealth @ InCube
DigitalHealth @ InCube

This program is jointly organized by the ETH Student Project House and the ETH Entrepreneur Club with kind support of Rector Sarah Springman.

Apply for one of the three topics:

1. Who gets access to my health data?

Fr. 7. Sept. 4pm – 7:30pm

With personalized medicine, diseases can be better predicted, clearer diagnosed and treated more efficiently. In order to do that, however, big personal data sets are set up. Who creates those, who has access and how safe are they? Societally relevant and political questions about ethics and data security have to be raised and discussed.

2. Can artificial intelligence replace the doctor?

Sa. 8. Sept. 8:30am – 12pm

Digitalization is also transforming the health sector. Next to surgeons, doctors and nurses, in the future also digital systems will assist in the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses. Where is the interface between physician, nurse, patient and machine? And how do we want to shape this interface?

3. Virtualization of medicine: a global chance?

Sa. 8. Sept. 11:30am – 3pm

Diagnosis and support of a patient from a distance is possible today thanks to virtual reality. Surgeries that are accompanied by an external expert or robot-assisted operations in the operating room are already a reality today. Is this new virtual reality in the health sector really more cost-effective, efficient and goal-oriented? And wherein lie its boundaries?

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DigitalHealth @ InCube
DigitalHealth @ InCube

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